I-Rock Store is an online marketplace focusing on empowering local sellers. We launched I-Rock Store with the aim to give every local business the opportunity to share their products.

We believe that geography, budget and time should not be barriers to promoting our local brands, enjoying shopping convenience and building a sustainable Zambia. Our fast, economical and reliable shipping program will be covering all 10 provinces in the country and international.

Beyond ease and accessibility, I-Rock Store will offer inspiration and allow you to discover the latest trends from electronics, home improvement, health all the way to agriculture. We are proud to serve as a resource and stylistic guide for modern and new enthusiasts alike by sourcing products from around the country, from emerging startups to medium sized businesses. Always on the look-out, we are constantly growing our catalog to offer you a wealth of new fresh findings each time you visit the store.

I-Rock Store – “We believe in our own!”

I-Rock Store is product of I-Rock Technologies Limited.